Online Integrity

We develop bespoke online solutions - with integrity. Online Integrity can help you - whether you require a beautiful unfussy brochure style website or a bells-and-whistles database driven online application. We have over ten years' experience in the business and we know what we're talking about - ask our clients. We are based in Camberley in Surrey but our clients are spread throughout the UK and beyond.

Bespoke Content Management

We create websites and web-based applications that fit the requirements of the brief. Off-the-shelf content management systems never quite do exactly what you want and because we don't need all that bloat or untrustworthy plugin code, we don't use them. So sorry - we won't do it with Wordpress (et al), we've seen it go wrong too often. We create a custom CMS for your requirement and it will do exactly what you want.

Responsive Cross-Platform Design

All our websites are created to work across all platforms, seamlessly. We think that about half of all people reading this page will be doing so using a mobile device or tablet and that proportion is only going to grow. Our websites are designed to ensure an equally engaging experience on all browsers on all devices. Try it now with this page.

Expert Search Engine Optimisation

Never believe any individual or organisation who promises you anything in SEO. We don't claim to be Google Certified SEO Consultants - because no such certification exists. What we can offer is sensible proven strategies to optimise websites for search engines. You can also draw on on our extensive experience running internet advertising campaigns and analysing activity analytics.

Social Media and API Data Integration

If you have spent many hours pulling your hair out because your Twitter feed Wordpress plugin won't work - we feel your pain. We keep it simple - we like to test and completely comprehend any code we implement. That way there are no nasty surprises. We also have extensive experience implementing specialist APIs like the Opera Hotel Booking API and the Carnival Cruise Availability and Pricing API.

E-Commerce As You Like It

We're pragmatic - if you need a complicated ecommerce solution we will happily point you in the direction of a behemoth ecommerce platform (Magento springs to mind). We could even set it all up and run it for you - after all, we actually understand the technology behind it. But we could also create a perfectly fitted solution - that is quicker and easier to administer (you'll thank us in the end). We have extensive experience of many payment APIs too.

State-of-the-Art Standards Compliancy

We love standards and, crucially, we understand them. Our work is standards compliant and well formed. We write mean and clean code that other developers would find easy to take on, so you don't need to worry about us disappearing.


We only implement technology we completely understand, it's our guiding philosophy. That’s how we can fix bugs so quickly - we never have to stare at blocks of code trying to figure out what’s going on.

Server Side

Server side we use PHP and MySQL in a UNIX environment, we have been for many years. We do use frameworks - but not religiously - they’re not always the answer. Our current favourite is Laravel.

Client Side

On the client side we do everything you would expect. We don’t want this website to turn into a monotonous inventory of acronyms so we won’t list them. Where we completely trust them - we do utilize script and style frameworks and libraries. JQuery is almost ubiquitous and we are fans of Twitter Bootstrap and PureCSS.


We run our own Linux web servers - always dedicated - which we source from a number of suppliers. We’ve been setting up and administering Linux servers for a long time so we can help you spec your own solution or we can host for you - at any scale.

Recent Work

We're proud of everything we do and our clients are delighted with what we do for them. Feel free to talk to any of them, we'll happily send you a list.

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Stoke Park

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Knightsbridge Golf School


Give us a ring. We'll give you sensible impartial advice and chances are we will be able to help you with your next online project.

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